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Imatgen was established in 1987. For over thirty years, we have grown professionally thanks to the passion that drives us and the work we do. We are a medical institute in Barcelona. We started as a podiatric centre with eight professionals and have now become an industry benchmark, catering for the needs of our patients. Our centre offers:

- An excellent team of podiatrists, nurses and dermatologists

- Numerous medical services in different specialities

- Extensive experience and quality services: our doctors are trained in the best hospitals in the area, including Hospital Clínico and Vall d’Hebron


We are located near Sagrada Familia, where we have been since we were established and started our medical practice.


Tailored advice, guaranteed results

This is how we work:

- We run our patients through our services

- We provide individual advice tailored to the patient’s needs

- We start treatment as relevant

- Where needed, we refer the patient to our partner services for additional treatment

- We treat our patients’ health in a customised way to achieve the best results

We offer the best and most comprehensive care, taking a holistic approach to the patient’s physical and emotional wellbeing, improving their quality of life. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation!

Find out about our services

At Imatgen we have the best professionals, which allows us to offer top quality services. Find out more about our services in:


Cardiology and stress-tests

Laser therapy

At our medical institute in Barcelona, we want you to feel good on the inside and on the outside. Visit us and find out what we can do for your health. We will be delighted to help you!


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