Choose your dermatologist

At Imatgen we have two specialised dermatologists who can treat most kinds of skin problems or issues or enhance its appearance.

Dermatólogo en Barcelona

Study, diagnosis and treatment of pathologies related to the skin



- Skin assessment

- Acne

- Melasma

- Psoriais

- Rosacea

- Warts, keratosis and acrochordons

- Skin ageing

- Skin spots

- Dermatoscopy

- Mole check-up (nevus)

- Early skin cancer detection

- Cyst exeresis

- Cryotherapy



- Acne scars

- IPL and laser hair removal

- Botulin toxin or Botox

- Lip filling and profiling

- Hyaluronic acid

- Dermatological peeling

- Micro needling

Discover the advantages of our exclusive medical diode laser

Our experts use our innovative medical diode laser for a wide range of treatments, including:

Hair removal: quicker and more effective than traditional treatments (performed by a nurse)

IPL: improves mottled skin, vascular lesions and regenerates collagen

Non-ablative fractionated Laser 1540: conceals thin wrinkles, flaws, scars and stretch marks

Carboxitherapy: removes stretch marks

Used by expert professionals, medical diode laser treats cosmetic skin problems quickly, effectively and pain-free.

Dermatólogo en Barcelona