First-class pelvic floor treatment

Indiba offers highly effective treatment for pelvic floor issues for women and men, caused by age, lifestyle or from labour. Pelvic floor issues have highly negative effects on patients, causing hip area pain, urinary or faecal incontinence and pre and postnatal dyspareunia.

Indiba is a highly effective solution for pelvic floor disorders. It’s particularly suitable to treat incontinence, antenatal and postnatal issues and impotence. Its fast healing effects help:

  • Reduce incontinence from day one, helping patients get back to normal and forget about urine leaks
  • Speedy recovery from muscle tears and episiotomies
  • Significantly reduced risk of developing haemorrhoids
  • Optimal pelvic floor toning for improved sexual health
  • Improved ejaculation control
  • Prostatitis prevention



Indiba works on perineal health offering quick and effective solutions.

Indiba pelvic floor treatments

- Reduce incontinence

- Quick recovery from muscle tears and episiotomies.

- Reduce risk of haemorrhoids.

- Tone up pelvic floor for an improved sexual health.

- Improves control over ejaculation by tightening up the pelvic floor.

- Helps prevent prostatitis.


Indiba effective treatments for women:

- Swelling

- Chronic pelvic pain

- Vaginal dryness

- Urinary incontinence

- Haemorrhoids

- Anal fissures

- Postnatal recovery

- Episiotomy

- Prevention and recovery of horseriding-related injuries (spine, prostatitis, incontinence)


Indiba effective treatments for men:

- Swelling

- Chronic pelvic pain

- Prostatitis

- Post surgery

- Haemorrhoids

- Anal fissures