Indiba, a great physiotherapy treatment

Indiba Activ offers fast and effective physiotherapy treatments for acute, chronic and sub-acute pathologies, chronic pains and muscle and osteoarthritic issues. This advanced therapy is based on an innovative principle that treats biological tissue from within, using natural non-invasive technology that triggers the body’s self-healing anti-inflammatory tissue repair processes.

Cell therapy that speeds up recovery and triggers the body’s natural mechanisms to repair wounded tissues.

Physiotherapy use of Indiba is based on a bio-stimulation process that drains swollen tissue. It stimulates the vascular system and encourages flow of oxygen and nutrition to the body tissues. In addition, Indiba hyper-activates the cells to increase body temperature, helping mitigate degenerative processes and improve vascular deficiencies.

Positive effects of Indiba in physiotherapy:

- Relieves pain

- Helps mobility

- Regenerates tissues

- Accelerates healing

- Reduces fibrosis

This radiofrequency therapy is indicated for

- Sprains

- Tendon issues

- Fibre tears

- Bruising

- Oedema

- Contractures

- Muscle strain

- Sports injuries prevention

- Sports recovery treatment